Our Organization

The Calgary Croatia Sports Club is a non-profit society, whose mission is to promote community development, through a variety of sporting, and non-sporting activities, including high-level soccer.

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A little History

The Calgary Croatia Sports Club was founded in 1959, and officially became a non-profit society in Alberta under the Societies Act, in 1981.

Over the last 55 years, thanks to the volunteers and supporters along the way, the CCSC has grown into an organization with much to offer. From humble beginnings in the early days as a single team organization known simply as 'Croatia', to competing in Alberta Majors against some of the oldest clubs in Calgary. The CCSC is proud to have also parented Croatia 2, Croatia 3, Croatia Womens, and even a Croatia Basketball team in our short time, though not all of our teams are with us today.

1964 Calgary Croatia Squad

How it Works

The CCSC is governed by its members, who adhere to the Society's latest amended by-laws. Members convene at regular meetings where proposals are reviewed, approved or denied, and executed. The organization's financial standing, future ambitions, and projects on the go, are also discussed in open environments where members are encouraged to exchange ideas.

The club's day-to-day affairs are maintained, and bettered by the Board of Directors. All Board of Directors are elected officials, and represent the best the club on behalf of the membership.

The CCSC Mission

The club is ultimately striving to provide fun, high-level sporting, and community developement through our policies, events, and teams. Because the life-blood of the club is the membership, our foremost concern is providing our members with the every reason to be apart of the organization.

That means that CCSC members enjoy having the opportunity to partake in high-end sports, such as Premier Men's League Soccer with Croatia, non-competitive sporting with Croatia Coed, and the occassional member's event, where the only focus is socializing and having a good-time.

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